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Diligence Education Centre Inc. will be a one-to-one tutoring centre for students with different levels of learning needs. The focus will be to help students succeed by giving them the right tools and personalized attention. Diligence Education Centre Inc. will help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, non-Verbal Learning Disabilities, Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Deafness/Hard of Hearing, Blindness/Partially Sighted, Customized Learning Programs for students of all levels.

The tutors will have the skills and experience to provide classroom tutoring programs and ensure each child's educational goals are met. They will work with children and parents to create the proper academic structure to help children succeed. Teachers will use the most effective teaching methods based on every child's specific needs with lesson plans and a flexible timeline of learning each item. Tutors will also provide extra instruction outside of the classroom to help children work on different skills, prepare for tests, and get better grades.

Diligence Education Centre Inc. aim to develop a tutorial centre covering a wide range of academic subjects for all grade levels curriculum, from kindergarten to elementary and secondary schools. To promote students' right to equality in all aspects of Canadian life, including education, Diligence Education Centre will design an inclusive approach of special education tutorials for the students with special needs.

The unique feature of Diligence Education Centre will be to provide academic tutoring services for all students, including but not limited to students with special needs, therefore, to improve their academic performance and learning skill. Diligence Education Centre will be the first choice when parents want to give their child customized tutoring services that meet their educational needs and learning styles. Diligence Education Centre will provide personalized programs that address the unique needs of each student they will work with.

Diligence Education Centre Inc. -- The aim to approach tutoring with structured flexibility, focusing on students' needs, helping to instill confidence in subject comprehension and communication.


Math: Algebra, Calculus, Geometry and more

Sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics

English: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and more

Language Tutoring; For All Ages and Levels

Special Needs: unique teaching methods for children with disabilities and special needs

Online tutoring: to accommodate children from all over the lower mainland.


Diligence Education Centre's vision is to build a highly conducive tutoring environment and become one of the best choices for both parents and students in the lower mainland.

Diligence Education Centre's mission is to provide professional tutoring services to students of all learning levels and preferences. Diligence Education Centre aims to position itself as the leading tutoring brand in the educational industry in the lower mainland for a wide range of academic subjects.


Diligence Education Centre Inc.
Unit 150, 8877 Odlin Cres.
Richmond, BC. V6X 3Z7
Phone: 604-214-3702
Email: diligencee.c.inc@gmail.com

Opening Hours:
Wed-Fri - 2pm to 7pm
Sat - 9am to 6pm
Sunday - 9am to 4pm
(Mon. Tues.Closed)

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